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EDIT1: I released this demo a few months ago and it has a few bugs which I've fixed in the full version. Unfortunately I lost the files for the DEMO so that I cannot update this project file with a fixed Demo. (unlucky...)

Masked and Mysterious is a typial first person horror game in which you wake up from a nightmare and notice your children missing. You go by an lead to a abandoned hospital. The game's story is not what it seems to be and would be expanded upon when the series is going to be continued.

Masked and Mysterious TM - TheGoldenEyed

© Abdullah Demirel

Install instructions

1. Unzip it (I used 7zip to get the file under 750 MB, just incase you have problems unzipping it, i used 7zip!)

2. Play it


MaM_Demo.7z 716 MB

Development log


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I liked it. Great atmosphere, Great wallpaper and the effects are great. It certainly has potential.



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Neat little demo, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The visual style was really nice, loved the rain effects. Definitely looking forward to the full release!

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